Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kerala Agricultural University,Regional Agricultural Research Station,Kumarakom PO, Kottayam 686 566,Kerala, INDIA.

Ongoing Projects


   Evaluation of the technologies developed in the laboratories for their suitability to the field conditions is essential for easy adoption among farmers. With this end in view, on-farm testing and frontline demonstrations of new and improved technologies are regularly conducted by KVK Kottayam in the farm fields. The following projects are planned for the year 2010-11. indoor baseball facility nj

 Discipline  On Farm Testing  Frontline Demonstrations

Assessment of rice variety Prathyasa (MO-21) under scientific management

Use of biofertilizers in snake gourd

Minisett planting technique under scientific management in Amorphophallus

Spray application of potassium sulphate on banana bunches

 Horticulture Assessment of performance of cowpea varieties Kashi Kanchan and Anaswara under rainy season in Kottayam

Hardening of tissue culture banana plants

ICM in cabbage

ICM in cauliflower

Plant Protection

Management of pseudostem weevil in banana

Management of Spodoptera litura in cabbage

Management of Spodoptera litura in cauliflower

Use of pheromone traps in the IPM package for the management of melon fruit flies

Use of Pseudomonas bioformulation for the management of bacterial blight in anthurium

Soil Science

Assessment of rice variety Vytilla 6 in kari  soils of Kuttanadu under scientific management

Integrated nutrient management in nutmeg

Comparison of effect of banana special and micronutrients in banana

Integrated nutrient management in coconut
Home Science Testing of value added products in nutmeg  
FLDs funded by Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA)
 1. Demonstration of use of Arboscular Mycorrhizal fungi in tapioca
  2. Demonstration of apiculture using stingless honey bees (Melliponiculture)