Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kerala Agricultural University,Regional Agricultural Research Station,Kumarakom PO, Kottayam 686 566,Kerala, INDIA.

Soil Science


 The Kottayam district presents a unique diversity with respect to its soil characteristics. Extreme acidity with seasonal ingress of seawater and tidal intrusions during summer threaten agriculture and aquaculture farmers, especially in the Kuttanad belt.The Soil Testing Lab (STL) newly established at the KVK Kottayam studies the fertility and soil-associated problems by analysing soil, plant and water samples from different locations of the district, and suggests ameliorative measures. Recommendations are also made on rational use of fertilizers for various crops with cooperation from the Agronomist. Sustainable agriculture through judicious use of fertilizers will have many positive impacts in this tract, which is characterised by toxic quantities of Fe, Al and other nutrient cations. Techniques for scientific management of soil are disseminated to farmers through trainings, OFTs and FLDs. The STL also serves to monitor seasonal variations in the water quality of various sources such as open wells and tanks, rivers, canals etc. in order to assess the suitability of these waters for irrigation, as well as for drinking as per standards by USDA and WHO, and promote low cost technologies to harness rainwater with a view to overcome the water crisis.