Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kerala Agricultural University,Regional Agricultural Research Station,Kumarakom PO, Kottayam 686 566,Kerala, INDIA.

Plant Protection

  The Plant Protection division serves to increase crop yield, by reducing crop damage due to diseases, which arise from continuous monocropping of major crops like banana, vegetables, coconut and pepper in different parts of Kottayam. Excessive use of pesticides for plant rotection has led to environmental pollution by residual effects of pesticides in plant products, for which Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the only solution. Farmers will be empowered in decision making on crop protection by Farmer Field School in IPM. Field level training will be imparted on various aspects of plant protection such as identification of pests and diseases, preservation of natural enemies, use of botanicals and biopesticides for pest control, setting up of insect traps, phytosanitary measures and safer use of pesticides. Besides these, popularisation of different types of mushrooms for domestic use and marketing is being done. Cultivation of mushrooms is a source of protein, and a means of waste recycling. The climate in Kottayam is suitable for the cultivation of Oyster (Pleurotus spp.) and Milky (Calocyba indica) mushrooms.