Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kerala Agricultural University,Regional Agricultural Research Station,Kumarakom PO, Kottayam 686 566,Kerala, INDIA.

Soil and Water Quality Lab


  The Soil and Water Quality Laboratory recently established at KVK Kottayam is fully equipped to evaluate various soil and water quality parameters essential for effective crop management. The Lab handles a number of samples brought by farmers in Kottayam district for testing the pH, electrical conductivity, anion and cation exchange capacities, redox potential, nutrient status of the soil in terms of N, P and K, as well as the trace elements. Based on the soil profile relevant recommendations are provided to the farmers for improving their crop. The lab is functioning effectively despite the space constraints


 Soil/Plant/Water Analysis at KVK, Kottayam
 Sample  Analytic Component  Cost (Rs.)

 EC, pH, available N, available P and

available K +

Fertilizer recommendations for various crops


 N content, P content & K content +

Fe, B, S, Ca & Mg

 Water  pH, EC, hardness, alkalinity & dissolved oxygen  25.00
 Manures/Compost (Farmers)   N, P, K, pH, EC  300.00
 Manures/Compost (commercial)  
N, P, K, Fe, B, S, Ca & Mg
 Fertilizers (Commercial)  N, P & K  1000.00