Production Units of 
KVK, Kottayam

  KVK, Kottayam is committed to the farmers of this region in supplying quality agricultural inputs like  planting materials, bio-control agents  and a lot  more....




Bio pesticide lab functioning under the technical guidance of Plant Protection division  of KVK, Kottayam is producing bio-fungicide Trichoderma and Pseudomonas. These products are highly effective against diseases like foot rot of pepper, fungal diseases  in rice, vanilla, cardamom and  spice crops.


Pseudomonas fluorescens

  Trichoderma  sp.
  Focus on supply of quality planting materials. Grafts of high yielding varieties of cashew viz. Priyanka, Madakkathara, Dhana,Kanaka etc. produced at the nursery are in high demand among the farmers of Kottayam and neighbouring districts. Besides, quality nutmeg seedlings, medicinal plants, ornamental flowering plants, stevia and vanilla are sold through the sales centre.